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Professional Plumbing is the original company to supply and install wastewater technology in Tasmania.  We can provide the best solutions for any size project from the small residential homes to large commercial developments.

Today we supply a state of the art wastewater system under the direction of Paul Bottomley who is considered an expert in the Waste Water Industry, respected by engineers, developers and health authorities.

EnviroTAS is a unique system developed specifically to recycle domestic Waste Water treatment from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry and treat it in an underground tank constructed of concrete to a purity approved by relevant health authorities throughout Australia.

Once an EnviroTAS system is installed, you are assured of peace of mind. Our technicians regularly check and service the system under the company’s on-going general maintenance pertaining to our customer agreement. Included in general maintenance, various water quality tests are conducted on site and inspection records are kept. Reports are sent to regulating bodies in order to comply with their conditions of approval.

All sewage treatment systems require regular maintenance to ensure that the effluent quality consistently meets the standards set by regulating authorities in the interest of environmental health and safety.

Professional Plumbing prides itself on our after hours service that we offer, you can be assured if we service your system and you have a problem your call will be answered and our friendly technician will attend.

We will make sure you get the required wastewater system for your situation

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recycled waste water systems


Our original concrete system Envirocycle was a unique system developed specifically to recycle domestic wastewater from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry and treat it in an underground tank constructed of concrete to a purity approved by relevant health authorities throughout Tasmania.

Today our EnviroTAS is the highest quality concrete construction and Manufactured in Tasmania. We have specifically engineered the EnviroTAS system to suit the Tasmanian climate.

  • EnviroTAS Tanks are Jaz-Anz accredited and have a 15 year warranty on tanks.
  • EnviroTAS has been developed for Tasmanian conditions is a unique 5 chamber filtration system based on anaerobic and aerobic bacteria to digest waste. This produces odourless water ideal for re-use in irrigating the garden.
  • Full height of the internal 4 baffles means no cross contamination ie. raw sewerage cannot end up in pump out chamber and on your garden.
  • Large working capacity of 6400 litres (copes better with loads i.e. visitors, parties. Shock loads can cause offensive odours), with overload capacity of 9300 litres.
  • Single tank system, simple to install and tidy.
  • First company in Tasmania to gain approval (first system installed in 1985 & still running beautifully).
  • Very low running costs – 10ANR has the lowest operating costs of ANY system on the market!

The EnviroTAS has been the benchmark in reliable waste water treatment

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Stormwater Systems


People are increasingly calling for local infiltration of rainwater in response to ever more common severe flooding. As more and more surfaces are sealed with buildings, car parks and roads, the sewer system is having to work harder, especially in built-up areas, and the risk of flooding increases.

Storage systems have become a popular solution for rainwater infiltration and retention. Infiltration ditch bodies require very small amounts of space compared with gravel ditches or drainage pipes. They offer a large infiltration volume for a low weight.

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recycled waste water systems

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